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What matters to you when you employ a professional translator?

During 20 years in the profession I have translated more than 45,000 pages of mostly technical and IT texts, including full books that went to print on the Polish market.

High quality?
I am meticulous in my work: topical research, multiple proofreading and editing passes on each document, and the use of modern software in order to ensure translation consistency are steps in my regular translation service for any assignment I accept.

Expert knowledge?
I earned a mgr. inż (an equivalent of M.Sc.EE.) degree from Silesian University of Technology. And have hands-on experience through previous jobs in industry and academe (as a teacher and systems administrator for my alma mater).

A natural approach to language?
Gained through thorough education at high school and university level, plus years of avid reading and long periods spent abroad for business and leisure, thus fully immersing in my second language, English.

Cooperation on an international level?
I have succeeded in gaining a long-term cooperation in a multinational project. And the partners acknowledge that they are glad about my input. Additionally, I have a long list of very satisfied international customers in various fields of my expertise.

Keeping deadlines?
No need to even mention that.

The cheapest service possible?
No, I cannot promise that. What I do promise is a fair price for a well executed job.

If you got interested in employing me as a translator, read on...