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Cyprian Bazylik (ca.1535 - past 1600)

   Cyprian Bazylik was born around 1535 in Sieradz; usually he is being referred to as either C. B. or C. S. (from his place of origin). He was a very flexible and skilled person who was as well writer and poet, printer and composer. The music that is still known of him today was all published in the late 1550s, and what we know of it is mainly four part polyphonic pieces, most of them simple compositions with note-against-note textures, most likely meant for popular performance. Still, there are also a few highly skilled and most elaborate works which survived. And as there are a significant number of contrafactures of his works one can estimate his popularity at his time - possibly deriving from the more skilled works (of which there may have been more which may nowadays have gone lost). We do not know his exact year of death but gather from the publication of his last literary work (in 1600) that he must have died in or after 1600.

MIDI: Mądrość Ojca Wszechmocnego

Information supplied by Monika Fahrnberger

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