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Music in MP3 format

Not much here; our webspace is very limited. The files are packed tighter than normally, with some loss of sound quality.

Grzegorz G. Gorczycki Omni die dic Mariae (4'03", 1.6MB)

Grzegorz G. Gorczycki In virtute Tua (4'56", 2.1MB)

Both compositions were recorded in 1998 on a CD by the following artists:

Choir: Resonans con Tutti
You can hear ensemble Concerto Polacco play on early instruments.
Organ: Marek Toporowski
Conductor: Waldemar Gałązka

The files are published courtesy of Polskie Radio Katowice and Waldemar Gałązka - see Copyrights. Don't ask me where to buy this CD outside Poland, I don't know! Honestly. In Poland you can find it, for example, with in their music section.