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Every once in a while, somebody asks us for a place to buy Polish music sheets. Unfortunately, the situation didn't improve much during ca. 20 years of free market in Poland :(

However, there are a few places to look.
The first one should be PWM, which stands for Polskie Wydawnictwa Muzyczne, or Polish Music Editions. The company, which was until some while ago practically the only music sheet editor in Poland, has a website at PWM edited almost everything in Polish classical music, but unfortunately a majority of their editions is currently out of print.

Their postal address is:
Al. Krasińskiego 11.a
31-111 Kraków
tel. +48(12) 422-70-44
fax. +48(12) 422-01-74

Retailers of PWM for America and Great Britain:

1 Presser Place
Bryn Mawr
PA 19010-3490
Tel. +1 610 5253636
Fax. +1 610 5277841

Alfred A. Kalmus Ltd.
38 Eldon Way
Paddock Wood
TN12 6BE Tonbridge
Tel. +44 1892 833422
Fax. +44 1892 836038

Another publisher of growing significance and with an interesting choice of early music publications in their catalogue is Wydawnictwo Muzyczne TRIANGIEL (TRIANGIEL Music Publishers). The company has an English version of their website and their full catalog available online, you can place orders via email or snail mail. One can expect further developments and even more interesting publications from this company, and it's definitely a place worth looking into.

Another source of scores to point you to is:
Musica Iagiellonica
ul. Westerplatte 10
31-033 Krakow, Poland
tel. 0602 352 329
fax +48(12) 422-00-64

Last, but no way least:
For the moment not POLISH Early Music, but quite a few Early Music pieces of other provenance, and a new scheme of licensing the material to use with one's choir such as to save on one's music budget has been founded by the owner of this site and two other singers/musicians lately.
The company is ad artem musicae, and we are to be found on the Internet, with a Polish and English website online for now, plus the catalogue and a lot of information on how the company works. You may find a piece of interest in our catalogue, so if you feel like, check us out at

(To be continued...)