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Completorium: Legal Stuff (copyrights, that is)

I am not at all fascinated with the legal blah, but there are some points that must be made clear.

All of the MIDI files here are self-sequenced by the site author or my friends. They are free for personal use. You may also use them on your webpages, provided that you will place a link to Completorium somewhere on your site and I will receive a note about it. The only exception to this rule are large archives of the 'Largest MIDI Collection On The Web' kind. Our files are not meant to be included therein - but you are always welcome to place a list of titles on your own site and link back to Completorium, to help your visitors find my place.

Attention: Not all of the compositions are in the public domain! Quite a few of them were transcribed from manuscripts or reconstructed recently, and therefore any commercial use of these pieces needs to be preceded with the user's own research about copyrights first. If you plan such a usage, please contact me. (I wrote this as a joke initially, but there have already been three inquiries of this kind - A.J.) This site is a not-for--profit one, designed for educational purpose and plain fun, and the use of MIDI files here shouldn't be, by any means, harmful to the rights of persons who did the transcription and published the pieces. However, if you were involved in the research or publishing of any of the music presented and you feel that the composition shouldn't be here, please notify me and I shall promptly remove the files (but pleeease, don't! It would make me very sad, not to mention EM fans worldwide.....)

Two MP3 files are published here thanks to courtesy of Polskie Radio Katowice and choir conductor Waldemar Gałazka (thanks a lot for this!). They are to be published exclusively within the Completorium site and may be downloaded for personal use only. And if you like them, buy the whole record. Howgh.

Those were compiled from various sources: CD covers, editorial notes to music sheets, books etc. Some of them were written specially for this site. Others were placed here in good will, for education and fun, and their appearance here, I believe, should not be harmful for any of their authors. If you are, by chance, the author of any of the works quoted here, *please* contact me so I will be able to put full credit to the work (or, with regrets, remove the text from this site again).

Graphic design © Adam Jarczyk. The pictures were, to my best knowledge, taken from early originals (except my photo which is not yet THAT old and the ListBot button which is on a different server anyway) and were copied from various sources. I suppose you could do with them anything you wish but cannot guarantee that. In case you plan to use them further it may be good to do your own copyright research before that still.

It was done by yours truly (A.J.) and is therefore placed in the public domain (which means, it's so crappy that no one could want it anyhow).

Adam Jarczyk

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