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Lute Music

Lute was a much-revered instrument in Poland in those days. It was a general symbol of Music, and even Art as a whole. And the best lutenists stayed at the court of Polish Kings in Kraków.

Valentinus Bakfark (1506/7 - 1576) - biography
Bakfark (or: Bekwark, Bakvark) was a Hungarian composer and a famous lute player who spent a significant part of his life in Poland and therefore earned his place in this collection.

Diomedes Cato (* ca. 1570) - biography
Diomedes Cato was a lutenist of Venetian birth, got appointed lutenist to the Court of Polish King Sigismundus III Vasa, and also spent most of his life in Poland.

Wojciech Długoraj (ca. 1557 - ca. 1619) [8] - biography
Modern transcriptions from lute tablatures by Piotr Poźniak.

Jakub Polak (+ ca. 1605)

Early Baroque love songs [5]
Those anonymous compositions were arranged for soprano and lute by Marcin Zalewski.

Polish Dances

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