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The Author:

Adam Jarczyk

I'm no professional musician. I have given up my immortal soul to the dark arts of electronic engineering long ago.
Born 1970, over 190cm (6'3") vertically, short dark hair and every year less of it, I'm a normal, perfectly dull electronics engineer working freelance as a technical translator, a profession I enjoy quite much.
Here is my official photo of ca. 10 years ago, if you want it. Can't imagine what for.....

Any other areas of interest?

Why, of course. Psychology. Beer. System administration. S-f & fantasy. Beer. Bossa nova & smooth jazz. Celtic music. The Middle Ages. Single malt (my eternal love!). Photography.
Did I mention beer?
The rest is in my geek code (v 2.1):

--------------- begin geek code block -------------
 GE/MU/SS/CS>AT d-(?) H--->! s++:++ g? p0+ !au>---@ a
 w--(+)$ v(++) C++ UH+ P>+ L+ !3 E? N+ K- W++ M-- N--
 V -po Y+ t-- 5-- X- jx R(++)>- DI+ G' tv! b+++ D- B
 o-- e+++,* u+(*,**) h+ f? r% !n(----) PS+ PE++ PGP-
--------------- end geek code block ---------------
My e-mail: adam dot jarczyk at gmail dot com (sorry for anti-spamming notation, this is my new email and I don't want spam here.)

Snail mail:
Adam Jarczyk
ul. £apkowskiego 13/6
41-813 Zabrze

I definitely don't accept: mail bombs, hate mail, spam etc. If you want to send me: money & other valuables, sheet music, job offers, congratulation letters etc., though, you're very welcome. Oh, and if just by chance someone is going to throw away his old Nikon F3 camera, please *don't*. Send it to me instead. I will gladly pay the shipping expenses...

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