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Choral singing in Poland (some pages are in Polish only)

CHÓRTOWNIA - a choral portal dedicated to amateur choral singing in Poland. You'll find there pointers to choirs, festivals and other interesting resources, announcements and forums, and a lot more.

Resonans con Tutti: learn a bit about the choir I had spent 10 years with. Page in Polish only, but maybe it will change some day?

Passionata - another choir I used to sing in, this time a chamber one

Other musical links

IFCM - ChoralNet The biggest choral organization and database on the Net.

ad artem musicae, a new choral music publishing venture offering legal choral music under a new licensing form, affordable and with the permission to copy FOR YOUR VERY OWN GROUP... Would you like to check it out and make use of the services?

Manfred Novak's Homepage - if you need a professional musician (organist and singer, conductor and composer, church musician) strongly involved in Early Music, but not only that, and want to be pointed to his place in the Web (currently living in the Netherlands for two years to undergo further specialization, Austrian by birth).

Monika Fahrnberger's Homepage - find out what choral singing and mushrooms may have in common...

Early Music Days Vienna - a very unique multinational project in Early Music I am a founding member of and active singer in. Currently we are working on the source motets intabulated in the Organ Tablature from Klagenfurt, this topical work will continue until end of 2010.

Multinational Chamber Choir in Austria - a unique multinational concept of forming a chamber choir... currently on hold, yet, the information is available and interested potential singers can get in touch via the website and find out more. The project that initially linked me to my multinational cooperation, in music and otherwise.

The Silvis "Woodshed": A MUST for any serious choral singer. The 110% content page with lots of choral MIDI files

Pompadour's Early Music Site: Another page with Baroque vocal music. And very nicely done.

Classical MIDI Collection Self - explanatory. A really big archive.

Polish Music Reference Center

Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (PWM in short, Polish Music Editions) - they have music sheets for sale and for rental