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Help Wanted

  Completorium is still a work in progress, even though not too frequently changed for the time being, and so you could contribute to it in many fashions. Maybe even now, things we are looking for rest snugly on your disk? We will be really grateful for anything from the following list. And don't forget all the good karma you will receive for your help...

Self-explanatory. Even if the piece is already published here but you feel that you could do a better work of interpretation, it is welcome. Example: Zieleński's motets sequenced anew by Michał Małecki.

Poland is the best place to obtain Polish EM sheets, right? Very wrong. Most of the music was published a long time ago, only in small quantities, and therefore is out of print. A lot that we obtained comes from well-equipped libraries or private collections.

Anything that's not already here.

I am not extemely Puritan about the looks of this site. I just don't have the time, the skills and the patience to create something not too repulsive. Greatly appreciated would be: composers' portraits, backgrounds, a logo etc... Most wanted are: backgrounds - preferably imitating a pale yellow vellum; long, thin ornaments from early manuscripts that could work as horizontal rules; a complete set of initials from A to Z, both color illuminations and b&w print.

Well, this is less obvious. If you want to share music in mp3 format, it must be: (a) absolutely legal, with the copyright holder's permission, and (b) decently performed. Besides, my webspace will only allow for one, maybe two more mp3 files at the moment. However, if someone wanted to submit many more under the above given circumstances, please, do contact me anyhow, and we might work something out.

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